Bella Thorne Talks About What Attracts Her To Tana Mongeau And Reveals That She And Mod Sun Broke Up Over Something Silly

Bella Thorne Talks About What Attracts Her To Tana Mongeau And Reveals That She And Mod Sun Broke Up Over Something Silly
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Bella Thorne is readying a film that she is producing and directing for Pornhub. While sitting down to talk about the goings-on in her life with Tom Ward, she gets candid about what it is that attracts her to her ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau and why her relationship with rapper Mod Sun ended.

If you haven't heard yet, the former Disney Channel star will be making her directorial debut with a BDSM-themed short film called Her and Him. Since the movie will be featuring hardcore intimate scenes, the porn site is the best home for it.

Thorne explained: 'I didn't wanna just do a sex scene that felt kind of like we're copping out, in a sense. Like, 'Oh we can't show this and we can't show that, so we're just gonna like do a little fun thing with the camera.' That's like not the style I really love. I really love the movie 'Love,' so that was one of my references for when I shot it. I like that style of just being really realistic.'

The 21-year-old is booked and busy in her professional life which couldn't be going better. Although she is in a happy relationship with a European musician, her personal life isn't as positive.

Bella was at odds with both of her exes Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun.

She is back on good terms with Jake Paul's 'wife' after accusing her of breaking girl code .

She opens up about what makes her so attracted to the Youtube star.


'She's got those eyes, man. She's got those eyes. Every time she comes at me with those eyes, man, I'm just putty.'

The Famous In Love star also reveals that the public has no idea what Mongeau is really like.

'People think Tana's 'out there,' but it's like, 'Nah, that's her image, bro. She's putting that out there for you to say that at this point. So many people think this is a big accident. Like, no, that was purposeful. These people want you to see them as they want to be seen. I'm always trying to find out the level of, what do I want to be seen as? What is so much of myself, and yet, what would I like to be and what would I like people to see me as?'

As far as her and Mod's relationship status -- it's nowhere near as friendly and hers and Tana's. She confirmed that the musician broke up with her at Coachella over something 'silly.'

'Unfortunately, we broke up over something really, really silly, but I always believe that things really happen for a reason. I'm not sure what that one was, but we gave each other a lot of really great things and a lot of really great experiences and taught each other a lot, and that's really what you're doing when you're dating. That's what you're taking away, you know? Experiences. And if you're not learning with your partner, then why are you dating them?' she questions.

Bella is still grateful for her and Mod's two-year relationship.

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