Bella Thorne Spotted With New Girlfriend Alex Martini In Toronto As She Continues To Date Benjamin Mascolo

Bella Thorne Spotted With New Girlfriend Alex Martini In Toronto As She Continues To Date Benjamin Mascolo
Credit: Source: Bella Thorne/Instagram

Is Bella Thorne part of a throuple? New photos show Bella Thorne with her girlfriend Alex Martini in Toronto, as she continues to date, Benjamin Mascolo. Bella shared photos of herself with Alex in bed, cuddling on her Instagram account with her 21.5 million followers and now social media is blowing up. Fans are praising Bella for her openness and bravery. Now they are asking how Benjamin feels about Bella and Alex.

Commenting on the post, Benjamin shared his feelings, "You girls are cute."

The response has people wondering if the couple are now a throuple.

Bella shared several photos of herself in bed with Alex as paparazzi caught up with Alex and Bella at the Toronto Airport.

Bella captioned the photos with the following.

"She’s very cute ✨💫 first girl I have dated that’s camera shy 😂."

Bella was in a throuple before with Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun. Now fans think that Bella, Alex, and Benjamin will be the newest throuple.

Bella is one of the most open celebrities who doesn't hide anything about her private, personal life from her fans. She has been very open about her sexuality and has made it clear to many that she is bisexual. As photos of the women are going viral, fans are also asking just who is Alex Martini?

Bella and Alex were spotted at the Toronto International Airport walking hand in hand. Alex is a set-production assistant. The two were full of smiles as they were spotted at the airport and both were dressed casually in black pants, and black hoodies.

Both women seemed to be fresh-faced and makeup-free. Bella chose to let the public know about her relationship with Alex by sharing it on Instagram.

You may see a report about Bella and Alex as they were spotted in Toronto below.

What do you think of Bella and Alex being a throuple with Benjamin? Are you surprised that Bella has gone public with her new relationship with Alex?

Bella Thorne turns 22-years-old on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. She has just won an award for making her first adult-themed movie. Bella is the first recipient of the Vision Award.


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