Bella Thorne Spotted In Public Dressed As A Nun

Bella Thorne Spotted In Public Dressed As A Nun
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Bella Thorne's list of movie roles is continuing to broaden. Page Six recently reported that the 22-year-old actress was seen out in public filming a scene for a new movie. The star was spotted dressed up as a nun in LA this Monday.

A representative for the actress said to the outlet that Bella was dressed up as a nun for a new movie role, as pictures surfaced of the performer wearing a nun's outfit while also sporting a pair of Converse shoes. Thus far, details regarding her new role haven't been revealed.

Other new photos of the actress feature her carrying a bucket and ringing a bell as well, in addition to another photo in which assistants carry an umbrella to protect her from the sun's ultra-violet rays. Fans of Bella know that she's had a busy past year, including back in October 2019 when she accepted the Vision Award from Pornhub for her movie, Her and Him.

Despite her busy schedule, Bella has still managed to find time to enjoy herself, including when she had a great time with her new boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo for Valentine's Day. Charisse Van Horn reported back on the 14th of February that her man gifted her with a series of Valentine's Day presents.

In the video, Bella, who was wearing a red satin blindfold, lifted the covering over her eyes to see that her room was covered in all types of Valentine's Day decorations, including pink hearts and red roses. Bella was also wearing a $450 dress from Lirika Matoshi.

In another social media clip, Mascolo offered a ton of roses to Bella and the actress admitted that she couldn't even count all of them because there were so many. Benjamin joked in the video that he killed every flower just for her, but he would compensate for it by planting trees.

Before Bella Thorne dated Benjamin, she was also in a heated romance with the rapper, Mod Sun. Additionally, it was rumored that she, Tana Mongeau, and Mod Sun were in a relationship at the same time.

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