Bella Thorne Reveals She Has Doubled Her $1 Million Earnings On OnlyFans

Bella Thorne Reveals She Has Doubled Her $1 Million Earnings On OnlyFans
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Fans of Bella Thorne know her recent stint on OnlyFans was very successful, Page Six reported. As it was previously reported, Bella Thorne confirmed she made $ 1 million on her fast day on the website, and the 22-year-old actress has since revealed that she has doubled that income.

During a recent conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Bella claimed it's a "feature" she and other filmmakers are currently making a movie about. Reportedly, Bella is working with Sean Baker, known for creating productions such as Tangerine and The Florida Project.

An insider who spoke with the LA Times claims the project is just beginning, and it's probably years away from turning into anything substantial. Reportedly, Thorne said to the outlet she has since made $2 million after first joining on the 19th of August.

Bella claimed there was a lot of potential on OnlyFans. A person could be her, or a "talented girl from Montana." She went on to say that the website could change their lives.

According to Bella, she intends on using the money she earned for her own production company and for charitable donations as well. A representative speaking on the behalf of OnlyFans claimed Bella's page doesn't include any nudity.

During a chat with the Times, Bella claimed her OnlyFans account is a medium for her to have a more intimate connection with her fans. She sends them "good morning personal messages" and "good night" messages too.

Bella isn't the only artist who started using OnlyFans. It was reported earlier this year that stars such as Cardi B also began using it, although, the rapper claimed she wouldn't be posting any nudity on the site or anything else of an explicit nature.

Cardi B joked with her fans that they already want to know too much about her personal life already. There's no reason for her to stoke the flames of curiosity even more.


Boosie Badazz , the rapper, also announced he had an account as well. However, his IG page was subsequently deleted, reportedly for posting OnlyFans advertisements on IG.

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