Bella Thorne Is Selling Pink Cartoon-Like Home For $2.55 Million

Bella Thorne Is Selling Pink Cartoon-Like Home For $2.55 Million
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Page Six has learned that the actress, Bella Thorne , just put her bright-pink home in the rearview mirror. The notorious beauty put her Sherman Oaks, California, home up on the market for $2.55 million. The LA Times revealed the news today.

According to The Times, the actress, who is 22-years-old, bought the property back in 2016 for $2.01 million. After living there for a few years, she put it up on the market and is bound to make a profit, unless of course, she's unable to get the asking price.

Reportedly, Bella has used the home for photoshoots and other events. She didn't actually live there as much as one would think. During a conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Thorne shared how she wanted it to be like every time you walked into a new room, it was like an entirely different world.

Thorne also says she's "obsessed" with roses, and this fact presents itself with the floral decorations on the wall. Fans of Thorne know she has become one of Hollywood's biggest stars over the last few years.

She first gained popularity on the Disney channel's show, Shake It Up , in 2010. Bella has continued working on various television shows, musical projects, and films as well.

Among her recent projects includes a thriller in which her close friend, Paris Jackson, will also co-star. A report from the New York Post revealed this year that the model was going to work alongside Bella in the film titled Habit.

In a report from Fox News, Donovan Leitch confirmed that Jackson would be working with her in the new movie. The film reportedly was inspired by some of Tarantino's earlier movies, including Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Fox also claimed she would be working with Jamie Hince, Allison Mosshart, Josie Ho, Gavin Rossdale, as well as the aforementioned Bella Thorne . Bella has also been in the headlines a lot lately for her relationship with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo . Before then, she dated Mod Sun.

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