Bella Thorne Always Does Her Own Makeup — Check Out Her Skin Care Routine

Bella Thorne Always Does Her Own Makeup — Check Out Her Skin Care Routine
Credit: Source: Bella Thorne/Vogue/YouTube

Bella Thorne has struggled with cystic acne for years and now, at the age of 21-years-old, she's finally found a beauty regimen that is working for her. Now that she's enjoying clear-free skin and no longer dealing with the struggles of chronic, non-stop breakouts, she's taking the power of her skin care in her own hands. What that means, is she doesn't let other people do her makeup — not even when working on movies or television.

Speaking to Vogue, Bella Thorne demonstrated her skin routine and how she does her own makeup and the results were fabulous. Interestingly, Bella stated that her skin began clearing up when she stopped overwashing it. She skips the morning face wash and says that she had run into the habit of washing her face aggressively, hoping it would help. Cystic acne is not caused by dirt or grime on the skin, therefore you simply can't wash it away.

Though Bella doesn't wash her face in the morning, she does start her routine by moisturizing her face.

Bella stated the following.

"The change in my skin has caused me to only ever do my own makeup, including on set, which is always a fun thing for me to get in contractually."

You may see Bella's anti-acne skin care regimen in the video player below.

Bella said she doesn't use heavy foundations or base as she likes her face to breathe. Instead, she uses a simple, tinted moisturizer for her foundation.

Bella demonstrated how she fills in her eyebrows and said she likes to keep them natural looking so she does fill them in, but she wants her makeup to look more natural.

She also stays away from heavy powders and prefers an Evian facial spray for setting her makeup. If she needs to use a powder she opts for a light, translucent powder and does a gentle dusting in the morning.

She also mixes a very light shimmery eye color from her palette in order to keep her eyes looking highlighted and adds a bit of the shadow to the outside area in order to create a bigger eye.

Where Bella shined in her makeup skills was with the eyeliner. Using a pencil, Bella lined her eyes like a pro and created a perfect winged look, while accentuating the inner eye area as well.

Bella pointed out that her eyes are hazel and do change colors, especially if she cries. She also covers acne scars by dabbing at them with concealer rather than just applying the makeup. Bella completed her look with a deep red lip. She chose the shade Obsessed from Pat McGrath's line. What do you think of Bella's makeup and anti-skin care routine?

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