Bella Thorne Accidentally DM'd A Cole Sprouse Fan Account And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Bella Thorne Accidentally DM'd A Cole Sprouse Fan Account And The Internet Is Freaking Out
Source: Bella Thorne Instagram

Bella Thorne accidentally sent a direct message (DM) to a Cole Sprouse fan account and the Internet is freaking out. Thorne, who is currently dating singer and producer Blackbear, is no stranger to social media, but it seems she was fooled into thinking the fan account was Sprouse's when she sent the message. Cole Sprouse, who can be seen on Riverdale , shared a series of photos with his hair styled in a pompadour. The fan account shared the photos causing Thorne to mistake the fan account for Sprouse's original. It didn't take long before her mistake was made public.

With nine photos of Cole Sprouse posing in the photo shoot, it's understandable that Bella would be tempted to provide a response. Her response was a simple, one-word "wow," but now the Internet is reading into the message. Since Bella Thorne and Cole Sprouse are both in relationships, the Internet wants to know if she was reaching out to a friend, or hoping the conversation would lead to something more.

According to the owner of the fan account, once Bella Thorne sent the message and realized she had the wrong Cole Sprouse, she deleted the message.

The owner of the fan account shared Bella Thorne's reply on Twitter and is becoming famous for the encounter. Bella has yet to publicly comment on the mistake but the Internet isn't letting this one go. Even though Bella is with Blackbear, inquiring minds are asking why she direct messaged to Cole in the first place. The two did work together previously and may just be friendly with each other.

Cole Sprouse is currently dating his Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart. So far, Sprouse hasn't remarked about the direct message. Since it was a simple, one word reply, he might not feel that it warrants a response.

What makes this story different from other accidental tweets or direct messages, is that the account owner quickly took a screen shot of the comments then posted them online. Celebrities like Bella Thorne can't afford to make mistakes such as tweeting the wrong account. She is not a common citizen. Since she made the mistake, the post has gone viral.

What do you think about the direct message snafu? Is the Internet trying to make a big deal out of something innocent? Do you think that Blackbear and Lili Reinhart should be worried?

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