Bella Hadid's Dutch Vogue Issue Is Bittersweet β€” Her Grandmother Passed Away The Day Of The Shoot

Bella Hadid's Dutch Vogue Issue Is Bittersweet β€” Her Grandmother Passed Away The Day Of The Shoot
Credit: Source: Bella Hadid/Instagram/Vogue

Bella Hadid shared some sad news about her new Dutch Vogue cover and inside story. Bella who is half Dutch was paying homage to her mother's side of the family, including her grandmother Ans Van Den Herik, with the issue that focused on Dutch culture and Bella at the Rijksmuseum. After the cover was released, Bella announced that the issue was bittersweet for on that day when she finished shooting, she received a call saying her grandmother had passed away.

Bella Hadid shared the following heartbreaking message.

"πŸ’›This cover is very bitter sweet. I’ve always wanted to do my Dutch vogue cover in Holland to represent my family ,my mother, my cousins, my aunt, uncle and especially my Oma. Finally I was able to have the opportunity, but on this day , I got a phone call from my mom right when we finished our last shot. She said Oma passed that afternoon. This was one of the worst phone calls and all I wished, had I done it sooner, she would have been able to see it to tell me what she thought. I hope she is proud of me. I love you Oma and Mama. This was such a memorable day in so many ways. Thank you to @nlvogue @seanthomas_photo @rinketjepkema and the team for being so great πŸ’›"

Bella shared a series of photos from the shoot as well. Though Bella was just deemed the most beautiful woman in the world and her photos usually go viral, her Dutch Vogue cover is getting attention for different reasons.

Her post received numerous messages of sympathy and condolences following her grandmother's passing.

You may see the photos Bella shared on her Instagram account below.

Bella Hadid is 23-years-old and her mother is former model Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda was born in Holland and there is no question that Yolanda is proud of all of her children.

Though Bella revealed she wished she had visited her ancestral homeland earlier for the photoshoot, her grandmother undoubtedly was proud of the beautiful, strong woman that Bella grew into.

What do you think about the sad news that Bella Hadid's grandmother passed away the day she finished her photoshoot?

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