Bella Hadid’s Close Pals Think She And The Weeknd Are Not Over For Good - She Still Loves Him

Bella Hadid’s Close Pals Think She And The Weeknd Are Not Over For Good - She Still Loves Him
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They managed to stay together for one year after their reunion before breaking up again but, as it turns out, Bella Hadid’s friends don’t think she and The Weeknd are over for good. Apparently, the model still loves the singer a lot and the pals hope they will get back together again at some point.

Their second chance at love did not work out but will the third time be the charm?

After rekindling their romance in the summer of last year, reports started going around a few days ago that they are over once more.

Bella and Abel had not been seen in each other’s company and it is believed that their packed schedules are what drove them apart.

But that is not to say they don’t still have feelings for one another.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Bella’s friends and family are not convinced they’ve seen the end of her relationship with Abel. At this point only time will tell to see where their relationship is going because they truly believe she still loves him. Those closest to Bella know that deep down there are still true feelings there and those feelings don’t just go away overnight.’

‘They have broken up before and it was simply due to scheduling conflicts because she’s busy, focused on her career and she’s always on the go. So only time will tell, but there’s definitely a possibility things will work themselves out at some point,’ the insider went on to dish.

Do you also think Bella Hadid and The Weeknd will get back together in the future or not? Furthermore, is that a good idea?

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