Bella Hadid Shares Behind-The-Scenes- Videos From New Michael Kors Campaign

Bella Hadid Shares Behind-The-Scenes- Videos From New Michael Kors Campaign
Credit: Source: Bella Hadid/Instagram

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a model, then Bella Hadid's newest Instagram video is just for you. Bella announced that she is back in New York and working on a Michael Kors campaign. Michael Kors loves the Hadid sisters as Gigi Hadid just finished filming a campaign for Wonderlust perfume. In the video below, Bella is seen wearing rainbow colors and carrying a rainbow-colored purse. That is part of the Michael Kors Go campaign. The campaign is for PRIDE and all proceeds from the MKGO Pride tee-shirts will be 100 percent donated to Gods Love NYC. Exactly what other campaign Bella is currently in NYC filming with Michael Kors remains to be seen.

As the video starts, Bella is dressed in a white crop top with white pants and goes through multiple poses while holding an assortment of bags including a body bag, a tote, and she's wearing a fanny pack. Bella moves through several poses, smiles, and blows kisses at the camera.

The video then shifts to the Michael Kors Go/PRIDE summer capsule and you can see Bella having her hair and makeup done while she wears a rainbow one-piece suit with a navy blue coverup. The male model in the video is Austin Augie.

Austin and Bella stand side by side and Bella looks towards the camera. The two are preparing for the shoot and Bella begins dancing. You can see Bella choosing music for the shoot as well.

Corey Tenold shot Bella and Austin and shared a photo from the set. You may see that photo below.

Corey's photo was shared on his official Instagram account where fans reposted it. Bella and Austin had great chemistry on the set and you can watch as they playfully laugh and talk.

You can also see Bella and Austin jumping up and down at the photographer's command as they continue working. Bella then posed for some solo shots that featured her spinning on a rotating floor.

Next, Bella was dressed in white and held a white flower with a fuschia background. The photographer did his magic while Bella looked at the flower, twirled, it and played with it.

After, Bella was seen lying down on the spinning floor with her legs up in the air showing off some more Michael Kors gear.

You may see the video below.

Bella's model mother, Yolanda Hadid, and her sister, Gigi Hadid both left comments on the video. Yolanda told Bella to fly free and Gigi wrote "Presh."

What do you think of Bella Hadid's behind-the-scenes look at a day on the job?


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