Bella Hadid Scolds Security Guard For Getting Touchy With Female, Watch Video

Bella Hadid Scolds Security Guard For Getting Touchy With Female, Watch Video
Source: Bella Hadid Instagram

There has been a lot of drama happening at this September's New York Fashion Week (NYFW), and some of it is taking the Internet by surprise.

TMZ captured a video showing Bella Hadid protecting a female photographer from one of her security guards when he physically touched the woman. Bella's response has taken the Internet by storm with many people expressing support for the way the model defended a fellow woman.

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Bella may be one of the most beautiful models today but she's also showing a lot of girl power and fans are pleased. Bella's actions have sparked conversations across social media networks with many hailing Bella for not only scolding her security guard but for her fierceness in protecting another woman.

In the video below, you can see as Bella is leaving the Michael Kors show when the altercation occurred. Bella's security team was doing their job by making sure she had a clear space to walk, but when one bodyguard physically touched a female photographer, Bella couldn't remain quiet.

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Bella swoops in between the woman and the security guard, physically extends her arm and looks at her security guard and says, "Please don't touch her."

Bella then asks the woman if she's okay and scolds the security guard a second time by telling him not to touch her.

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Bella Hadid's reaction to protect a woman from a man that she hired to protect her is stirring an emotional response with many women.

This isn't the first time Bella has shown this type of fierce protection over women.

When Bella and her sister Gigi were in Milan for fashion week, a man tried to forcibly pick Gigi up and the two sisters went into action.

Gigi defended herself by elbowing the man and Bella rushed to her side. Security stepped in and whisked both sisters to safety. Gigi was furious and cursed at the man while Bella defended her sister from harm.

It seems both the Hadid sisters have natural instincts when it comes to protecting women from men.


What do you think about Bella's actions at New York Fashion Week. It isn't often we see celebrities go out of their way to defend photographers.

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