Bella Hadid Might Be Looking At Open Relationship With The Weeknd After His Katy Perry Date

Bella Hadid Might Be Looking At Open Relationship With The Weeknd After His Katy Perry Date

Is Bella Hadid contemplating an open relationship with The Weeknd? By the looks of things, Hadid and her on-and-off boyfriend, The Weeknd, are going for an open relationship.

Since Selena Gomez ended her romance with The Weeknd, he has been spotted on numerous occasions outside of the model's apartment.

Many of their fans are hoping they have rekindled their love, while others are begging her to stay away because he will break her heart again.

A source said she is not sure she wants to be with him and added: “Bella was touched that Abel took the time out to send her flowers and to let her know that he was thinking of her, she thinks it was super sweet of him. He’s saying and doing all the right things right now, but Bella is still really cautious of him. She wants to make sure that his intentions are good, and that he’s not just trying to get with her as some rebound romance. Bella has never stopped loving Abel, but he hurt her before, and she doesn’t want to ever feel like that again. She can’t help questioning his timing, now he’s single again he’s suddenly declaring his love for her, but the whole time he was with Selena she didn’t hear a thing from him.”

However, the Canadian star seems to be serious and is hoping for a long-term romance.

He sent her flowers and a sweet note after she walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's catwalk
A pal claimed: “Bella loved every minute of the show, and she looked absolutely stunning. The event went off without a hitch, and it was a raging success. Bella was on a high the whole night. Abel sent her a gorgeous, huge bouquet of flowers along with a super sweet note telling her how amazing she is and how proud of her he is.”

Despite being hooked on Hadid, The Weeknd was spotted on a romantic dinner with Katy Perry.

Another tipster stated: “Bella has no problem with The Weeknd meeting with Katy for dinner. Bella and Weeknd have been broken up for a long time, and while they have spent some time together recently, they are not exactly getting back together anytime soon.”

Open relationships are the new thing in the entertainment world.

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