Bella Hadid Licks New York Snow As A Redhead

Bella Hadid Licks New York Snow As A Redhead
Credit: Source: Bella Hadid/Renell Medrano/Instagram
Bella Hadid shared new photos of herself where she donned a light auburn wig and licked freshly fallen New York snow. Fans are familiar with seeing Bella with different hairstyles, but she often wears her hair brown. She looked stunning but different, as a redhead. Bella has 36.9 million followers and the photo slideshow received more than 1.3 million likes and over 3,000 comments.

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Bella was dressed for the cold weather and donned a pair of black, leather gloves and a fluffy coat to keep her warm. Though her post prompted many people to warn her about the dangers of licking New York snow, others praised the 24-year-old supermodel on her beauty. Many praised her hair color and suggested she become a redhead for real.

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Bella hashtagged photographer Renell Medrano for the photos and shared this caption.
I’ll be nice for it ..

I take a breath, close my eyes for it ... 🌬

Photo , my princessa @renellaice

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In the first photo Bella Hadid posted, the supermodel wore icy-blue eyeshadow that shimmered and swept a dark wave of mascara on her lashes. She didn't wear heavy liner under her eyes and opted for a neutral tone for her lips. The photo had a retro vibe and Bella looked more like a 60's siren than a model from the new millennium. You may see the gorgeous photo of Bella Hadid as a redhead below.

Source: Bella Hadid/Renell Medrano/Instagram[/caption>

Bella shared a second photo where she was bent over the railing and licking the snow with her tongue. In the first photo, she turned her head and looked towards the camera while sticking out her snow-covered tongue.

In the second photo, she stared intently at the snow for the icy shot.

One person left this comment on Bella's photo album: 'please no one lick new york snow, like ever.'

Source: Bella Hadid/Renell Medrano/Instagram

What do you think about Bella Hadid's latest photos? Were you surprised to see the model licking snow? What are your thoughts about her new hair color? Do you like Bella Hadid as a redhead?


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