Bella Hadid Keeps Fans On Their Toes With Sizzling Pictures -- See How She Plans To Win The Future

Bella Hadid Keeps Fans On Their Toes With Sizzling Pictures -- See How She Plans To Win The Future
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Bella Hadid has no fear of being seen in revealing posture by her fans, as she showed off her body going shirtless with her hair tied in a towel in a video that was posted to her official Instagram a couple of days ago.

The video was taken in Hadid's bathroom and showed her smiling for the camera and covering herself to avoid exposing the more private parts of her body.

Moreover, no, fans who were hoping to see her genuinely in the nude will have to be disappointed -- Hadid made it a point to cover herself up as best as she could for many of the pictures, although it is visible that she is topless in all of them.

Meanwhile, the controversy around her recent photoshoot for Calvin Klein seems to have subsided, even though some are still commenting about the incident on social media.


Many people saw the display as a distasteful one, claiming that the brand could have picked any number of alternative models who were more representative of the LGBTQ+ community.

Calvin Klein has issued an apology over the incident, and it does not look like Hadid wants any bad blood either.

She has been active on social media lately, possibly trying to please her fans and sway attention away from the mini-scandal that she was recently involved in.

Moreover, for the most part, it does not look like most people are going to remember the incident for too much longer, especially in light of how Hadid has been presenting herself lately.

Hadid knows how to get attention on social media and the latest photos she posted proved precisely that.


For example, one commenter stated: "amazing photo, Bella. You look like a queen, great work people around you too. Enjoy these days in London. just the best."

A second commenter added: "I wouldn't be there today if you weren't by my side all the time. You can't imagine how much you count now. Life would be so boring and such a mess without you. Thank you for always remind me to love myself, believe in me and my dreams and to never give up. 💘"

A third follower added: "You should post your Vogue Greece editorials that you didn’t post.... those were one of the most iconic editorials you did this year and one of my faves from you.🤞🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Hadid is a real force in the modeling industry.

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