Bella Hadid Is 'Secretly Happy' Her Sister Gigi And Zayn Malik Broke Up - Here's Why!

Bella Hadid Is 'Secretly Happy' Her Sister Gigi And Zayn Malik Broke Up - Here's Why!

While most fans were heartbroken to learn about Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s breakup, we hear that there is someone who feels the exact opposite. According to sources, Gigi’s younger sister is actually pretty happy about the fairytale romance ending.

After the split, Bella has been doing her job as a sister and supported Gigi the best she could and that included breaking all ties with the former One Direction member as well.

One source tells us that ‘She unfollowed Zayn as sign of solidarity, she did that on her own. It was not something Gigi asked her to do. But it was a sweet gesture, and something Bella feels like is the right thing to do. She does not want the world doubting where her loyalty is. She used to be super cool with Zayn, but she is shutting him out now. Bella is doing the most to let Gigi know she has got her back.’

In addition to that, ‘Bella is trying to convince Gigi they should go on a girls-only trip somewhere to celebrate her being single. Bella is excited that they are both single together. She is sad for Gigi and Zayn that they did not work, but in a selfish way she is kind of happy that they broke up because she will get more time and attention from Gigi and she really idolizes her big sister.’

Despite the fact that Zayn and Gigi mentioned in their separate breakup announcements that they are still very close as friends and that they have a lot of love and respect for one another, actions speak louder than words.

Both exes unfollowed each other on social media just a few hours after releasing their statements.


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