Bella Hadid Is Rocking The Fashion Game With A '90s Themed Denim And Leopard Print Skirt

Bella Hadid Is Rocking The Fashion Game With A '90s Themed Denim And Leopard Print Skirt
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Bella Hadid is probably one of the world's most famous models. She's gained a lot of attention for her amazing fashion sense and her grace. Bella has a lot of fans all around that love her quirky style and her shining personality as well.

Just like always, Bella has wowed the crowd with her fashion sense. She posted a few pictures wearing a '90s theme denim and leopard printed skirt. She posed next to some pink flowers and also in a private jet. Bella's skirt was a cute denim one with a leopard print hem.

Alongside the skirt, she wore a red button-down shirt and a black tank top underneath. To make the outfit more interesting, she wore black block-heeled pumps and matching knee-high socks. She wore accessories which included black sunglasses, a gold nameplate necklace, and statement heart-shaped earrings. To finish off the look, she had a black bag to complete the outfit.

Bella's outfits have always been so cute on her. Fans adored this particular outfit and many of them talked about how she was bringing all the right trends from the '90s back. Her comments were filled with people appreciating her look and how she made it look trendy.

Many people also commented on how beautiful she looked. Bella is known for her unique style and thus gains a lot of attention from it. In an interview, Bella mentioned that she did not have a stylist for the past few years. She chose her outfits herself.

She also mentioned how she had learned that no matter what she did with her style, people would always find something to criticize. She had learned to love and accept her style as hers and this was why she could now be herself in public. Watching Bella be so confident with herself in public has helped her fans gain their confidence.


Fans have always loved Bella's style and hope that she continues to do her things her way. The style that Bella has, no one can compare to it.

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