Bella Hadid - Here's How She Feels About The Weeknd's Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show Gig!

Bella Hadid - Here's How She Feels About The Weeknd's Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show Gig!
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Even though Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are not a couple anymore, it sounds like she’s happy his hard work's paid off and he has landed a Super Bowl gig for next year. The supermodel knows her ex boyfriend very well and she knows that he deserves all his success as more!

So if fans assumed she would not be thrilled by this amazing opportunity he got after the split, they would definitely be wrong because Bella is truly happy for Abel.

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One insider shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Bella was very happy when she heard the news The Weeknd's going to be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime show. Bella's known Abel for so long and she has seen how hard he has worked over the years to get to where he is at, at this point in his career. Despite them not being together, they have a history and she is always proud of whatever accomplishments he achieves. Bella can only imagine just how excited he must be and how much work he will put into every last detail of this performance. He definitely deserves this opportunity and she knows he is going to crush it.’

As you may know at this point, Bella and Abel have not been a couple for more than a year.

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Before that, they were on again, off again so they have a pretty long and complicated history.

At the end of the day, however, they are still on ‘good terms,’ as a second source went on to stress.

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‘Bella and [The Weeknd] are totally cool, she’s rooting for him. This is a massive accomplishment and she’s very, very proud. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s there the day of the game supporting him, they’re friends again. Bella sees this for Abel to potentially be the start of the next phase of his career.’


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