Bella Hadid Cut Her Own Bangs During The Coronavirus Lockdown โ€” See The Look

Bella Hadid Cut Her Own Bangs During The Coronavirus Lockdown โ€” See The Look
Credit: Source: Bella Hadid/Instagram

Bella Hadid is spending the Coronavirus quarantining with her family on their Pennsylvania farm and it appears that she is getting back to a simpler time of life. Now that she's away from the hustle and bustle of being a top model, jet-setting around the world, and covering magazines worldwide, Bella is doing simple things, like gardening, spending time with her family while social distancing, and even cut her own hair! Many women nationwide are struggling right now that they can no longer get to the hair salon or keep up with their professional beauty routines. Many women are frustrated that they can't get their nails done or even remove the artificial nails they have, can't touch up their roots or maintain their hair color treatments, or even maintain their botox or other cosmetic filler procedures.

This hasn't proved to be troublesome for Bella who has embraced her natural beauty and even spent the day hard at work with her mother, Yolanda, planting lavender in their family garden. Donning a face mask, camouflage shirt, and black jeans, Bella wasn't afraid to get in touch with her country side.

Bella shared photos of herself showing off her gardening skills with her 30.1 million Instagram followers and included a video. She revealed that they planted 1500 lavender plants!

You may see the video and photos that Bella Hadid shared of herself gardening in Pennsylvania below.

Fans were surprised by Bella Hadid's next post where she wore an orange crop top with white, comfy pants. Her hair was pinned up in a high ponytail and she wore long, side-swept bangs.ย  She didn't choose to caption the photo, but hairstylist Jen Atkin of Jen Atkin hair left the remark, "She bangs."

The look is flattering on Bella and judging from her gardening photos, it appears she may have cut some of the length of her hair as well.

Bella is known for having medium-length, one-length hair. Now her hair appears to be chin-length with bangs.

Although many models and celebrities wear hair extensions, wigs, and color their hair, it's hard to know for sure how long Bella's real hair was before the Coronavirus pandemic.

You may see photos and a video of Bella Hadid showing off her

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