Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Are Reportedly Together Non-Stop

Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Are Reportedly Together Non-Stop
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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd had an amazing Thanksgiving together. It looks like the sweet couple is going stronger than ever these days.

A source close to them who knows more about the subject discussed things with Hollywood Life and here's what they had to say.

Just before Thanksgiving, The Weeknd asked Bella to come with her on a trip, she 'didn’t hesitate.'

'The Weeknd is performing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix until Sunday, and Bella’s gone with him,' the source said.

The same insider continued and explained that 'Bella had the time off because of the Thanksgiving holiday so when he asked her to come with him for the long weekend, she didn’t hesitate.'

Bella was reportedly surprised to find out that many of their close friends would be there as well.

'Lots of their friends are over there for the Grand Prix, so it’s gonna be a big party,' the insider said.

'They’re staying in a penthouse suite in a five-star hotel so it’ll be romantic too. Whenever they’re together these days it’s always a love-fest, they’re just so crazy for each other.'

The source also highlighted the fact that these two are almost non-stop together and they cannot get enough of each other.

He's doing everything humanly possible to see Bella happy, according to the source who spilled the tea for Hollywood Life.

It's really great to see them going strong and to also see Abel this happy, especially after the Selena Gomez breakup which affected his deeply at the time.

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