Bella Hadid And Drake's Chemistry Is Off The Charts

Bella Hadid And Drake's Chemistry Is Off The Charts
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Rumors say that Bella Hadid's rumored relationship with Drake is really heating up. Here are more juicy details on the subject.

Bella and Drake are more than friends these days. What exactly is the extent of their relationship?

Is this a casual fling or are they falling for each other? Some sources have some new spicy details on how steamy is the pair's rumored relationship and where it's heading.

'Bella and Drake are hooking up, but they’re not at the stage where they’re dating exclusively,' according to a source close to Drake.

'They both want to keep their relationship on the down-low and maintain the appearance of ‘just friends,' while they decide if they want to get serious or not. They’re insanely attracted to each other, and they always have an amazing time whenever they’re together. Bella is crazy about him though, and she would love to be his girlfriend, but she’s cool with what they’re doing right now.'

They really sound crazy about each other, and there's no doubt about that.

It was previously reported that the pair shared a dance at her 21st birthday party in early October , which Drake reportedly threw for her!

' Bella is majorly crushing on Drake despite warnings from her sister and other friends that he is a player,' another insider confessed.

'Bella and Drake have hung out a few times and their chemistry is amazing whenever they are together. She finds him smart, funny, incredibly talented and sexy. She doesn’t think the age difference is a big deal at all as she is independent and mature for her age.'

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