Becca Kufrin Says She ‘Doesn’t Agree’ With Her Fiancé's ‘Tone Deaf’ Post In Support Of The Police

Becca Kufrin Says She ‘Doesn’t Agree’ With Her Fiancé's ‘Tone Deaf’ Post In Support Of The Police
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Becca Kufrin did not try to totally defend her fiance, Garrett Yrigoyen, for showing support to the police amid the Black Lives Matter protest, although she still argued that he's a good person. The former Bachelorette agreed with his critics that his post had the ‘wrong time and message and sentiment.’

This is what Becca said while on her and Rachel Lindsay ‘s ‘Bachelor Happy Hour’ podcast.

During the latest episode, the two reality TV stars took time to discuss the controversy, Becca not hesitating to call her own fiance out for his ‘tone death’ post.

Furthermore, they also talked about the lack of diversity on the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise.

After all, Lindsay remains the one and only black person to lead either one of the shows.

‘Garrett is my fiancé and I love him. To his core, I believe he is a good person. What he posted…I do not align with and I do not agree with. I do not think he meant it in a malicious way, I think it was tone deaf and was the wrong time and message and sentiment…I am trying to get him to see the bigger picture,’ Becca told her co-host.

As you might know, Garrett participated in Black Out Tuesday by sharing a black square on his social media platform.

However, later on he returned to also share a black square with a blue line running through, which is meant to show support to the police amid the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests.

Becca argued that his post signified that he ‘stands by the cops too,’ and not that ‘cops lives matter,’ but Lindsay had a different idea!

‘That is what it means. That is 100 percent what it means. I do not care what he wrote after it. Nothing that I am about to say is nothing I have not already told you. Becca told me not to hold back…As a black woman, it's very important for me to tell you how Garrett’s post made me feel. This is not an isolated incident with his behavior and I never spoke about what he did during your season.’

Sure enough, Garrett was also previously in hot water over liking posts mocking the survivors of the Parkland High School shooting and also members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rachel had a lot more to say when it comes to her opinion on what Becca's man and many others did so make sure to check out the podcast to find out why she'd rather people like him were openly racist!


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