BeBe Rexha Has Demi Lovato's Back After 21 Savage Backlash Drives Demi Off Twitter

BeBe Rexha Has Demi Lovato's Back After 21 Savage Backlash Drives Demi Off Twitter
Credit: Source: BeBe Rexha/Twitter

We may be witnessing the birth of new best friends as BeBe Rexha has just defended Demi Lovato over the 21 Savage backlash that drove Demi off Twitter. The remarks come after Demi Lovato defended BeBe when she had a tough time getting designers to dress her. BeBe wears between a size 6 and 8 and both she and Demi were furious this was considered "too big." Demi went to bat for BeBe and now BeBe has returned the favor.

After Demi Lovato announced she was enjoying the 21 Savage memes  trolls personally attacked Demi Lovato who is in recovery. The award-winning singer suffered an overdose in July 2018 and has been in recovery. After the social media backlash against Demi, some of the trolls chose to target her recovery.

Several people made comments to her encouraging her to do heroin and overdose again. It was these types of comments that drew BeBe's ire and prompted her to publicly defend Demi.

First, BeBe commented on Adam Levine's Super Bowl half-time show as she tweeted, "Damnnnnnnnn Adam Levine."

The tweet that followed needed very little explanation.

BeBe also appeared to be telling people to tweet at her instead of Demi.

BeBe Rexha isn't the only one who thinks the backlash against Demi isn't cool. Many who are on Demi's side have pointed out that Demi's original tweet wasn't anything negative or targeted towards 21 Savage.

Demi tweeted the following during the Super Bowl.

"So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl."

She later commented that the memes depicting 21 Savage hiding his UK citizenship is what she found funny.

Before she deleted her Twitter, Demi made it clear that it was the drug comments that were upsetting her.

"If you’re gonna come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with some original not involving drugs." Demi tweeted before deactivating Twitter.

Demi and BeBe Rexha are both nominated for the Grammys. At this point, it remains unclear whether Demi will stay off Twitter until the big night.

What do you think about the backlash against Demi for her comment? Are you surprised to see BeBe Rexha standing up for her and calling out haters?

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