BeBe Rexha Curses At Crowd For Not Singing Along To Her Hit 'Meant To Be'

BeBe Rexha Curses At Crowd For Not Singing Along To Her Hit 'Meant To Be'
Credit: Source: Bebe Rexha/Instagram

On February 7, 2019, Bebe Rexha performed live at the Spotify "Best New Artist 2019" party at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the crowd got a little bit more than expected. The event honored first-time Grammy-nominated artists and BeBe joined H.E.R., Dua Lipa, and Chloe x Halle. While the other artists performed their songs, BeBe became upset when the audience failed to sing along with her. Bebe's anger erupted and she began cursing at the audience including the drop of several F-bombs.

Bebe was born in Brooklyn and she has proved herself to be one tough New Yorker. If you think her cussing at the audience caused a backlash think again. Instead, when Bebe let the crowd have it for not joining in while she performed "Meant to Be" her number one hit with Florida Georgia Line, the crowd listened.

Bebe stopped the music, put the crowd in their place, then they happily began singing along.

Maybe the crowd forgot who was singing live, even though they were at the hottest pre-Grammy party in town.

Bebe yelled the following to the audience after telling the band to stop.

"This song was No. 1 for 50 f--king weeks. You know what? I work too f--king hard for this bullshit, okay?"

Bebe then turned her attention to her mother who was in the audience as well. Bebe announced that her mother wanted her to calm down and she reassured her that she was calm. She then continued her tirade.

"I worked too hard for this moment. I'm from Staten Island, New York, and I'm standing on this stage right here at Spotify, thank you very much. Call me whatever the f--k you wanna call me. 'Cause I'm a girl? Yes. I'm a big bitch right now. Go ahead! You're gonna sing the f--king words if you know the f--king song. I don't care."

You can see the full rant in the video player below.

What do you think about Bebe's rants and frequent use of the F word? Do you think as a singer she should tone down her language or is it just a part of who she is?

Though some have called Bebe out on social media for the outburst, her fans have continued to show their love and support for her.

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