Battle Of The Baby Mamas: Fetty Wap's Ex Lazhae Zeona Pulls A Knife Out On Alexis Skyy And Gets Arrested!

Battle Of The Baby Mamas: Fetty Wap's Ex Lazhae Zeona Pulls A Knife Out On Alexis Skyy And Gets Arrested!
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Alexis Skyy has had an exciting new year. She went from proving to the internet that she wasn't lying when she said Solo Lucci wasn't the father of her child to being nicknamed by the internet ' Alexis Kardashian .'

However, her high note almost came to a full stop when her crew got into it with another one of Fetty Wap's baby mama's squad.

Allegedly, Alexis purposely pulled up to a club where Lazhae Zeona was working. The two share a baby daddy but it doesn't mean there isn't any bad blood between them.

Both Alexis and Lazhae welcomed new bundles of joy into the world within months of each other. However, Zeona has an older child by the New Jersey rapper too.

Just like Masika Kalysha, Alexis feels as though Lazhae played a part in ruining her relationship with Fetty.

Obviously, Lazhae didn't take kindly to the fact that the Instagram model visited her place of employment and tried to fight her in the venue.

After her failed attempt to attack the 24-year-old, Lazhae and her friends followed Alexis' gang and threw bottles at her car -- forcing them to pull over in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant where things got even more serious.

Reportedly, Zeona pulled out a knife asking for Alexis and that's when the 'Love and Hip Hop' star's friend gave her a beatdown!

TMZ reports that Lazhae was handcuffed and charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

The pal that defended Alexis addressed the situation via Instagram where she said: "How are you guys so upset because we won.. Ya act like we brought them to Paterson then beat them up..! These pathetic no life bums damn near rode us off the road while throwing bottles at our car then proceeded to follow us until we got to Paterson.. they pulled up and got what they basically asked for.. Nobody was jumped but that’s what the losers always end up saying .. if someone is coming at you with a knife as well as mace what would you do..I don’t give a damn if she was a midget I would have handed her the same ass whooping. Her friends didn’t help they just watched ME beat that’s who ya should be mad at.. other than that my night was amazing ..!"

What do you think about this crazy incident? Do you think they will ever co-exist?


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