Barbra Streisand Slammed By PETA For Cloning Her Dog

Barbra Streisand Slammed By PETA For Cloning Her Dog
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Barbra Streisand angered executives over at the headquarters of PETA -  the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals -after she admitted to cloning her dog. When speaking with Variety, the singer said both of her dogs, Violet and Miss Scarlett, were cloned using the cells from her deceased pet's stomach and mouth.

Ingrid Newkirk, who founded the organization, stated the singer and actress should've been more careful with her actions because cloning has a high rate of failure and often dogs are left dying in kennels.

Ingrid admitted we all want to keep our beloved pets around for as long as we can but "cloning doesn't achieve that." Ingrid stressed the fact that many shelters exist where people can adopt their animals.

Ingrid explained that many animals are living in a cruel existence because people are over breeding and not taking care of them, adding to the homeless population problem.

Barbra hasn't responded to Newkirk's statements yet, but either way, Streisand loved her dogs and continued to rave about them during the interview.

She told The Associated Press in the past that when she lost a dog, it felt like she "lost a child." Because the dogs now are so similar looking, Barbra said she tells them apart by how she dresses them.

The 75-year-old actress has another animal of the same breed, a Coton du Tulear, and it's a distant relative of her pet Samantha.

Despite Barbra's love for her four-legged-friends, Newkirk claimed she would've loved to talk Streisand out of cloning because it's a horrific process with a terrible effect on the animal's we love.

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