Barack Obama's Daughter, Sasha, Still Has People Talking After Those Classy Prom Pictures -- See What Is Creating All The Buzz

Barack Obama's Daughter, Sasha, Still Has People Talking After Those Classy Prom Pictures -- See What Is Creating All The Buzz
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Former US President Barack Obama’s daughter, Sasha, is all grown up and was recently spotted attending her high school prom.

She wore a black dress and matching accessories, and many commended her for picking a relatively modest style for her outfit.

Indeed, the former first daughter did not want to make an overly flashy appearance and showed up with little jewelry and other similar accessories.


However, the little that she did wear stunned everyone attending the event, and it did not take long for the positive comments to start rolling in.

One fan had this reaction: "Classy like her Mom!!! I love the style because it's perfect for a prom. She's not over dressed or under dressed. And she has a date which makes this even more classy. Sasha had good taste as a young girl. #beautiful #classy #queen."

A second supporter explained: "Elegant and beautiful simple and classy, and these are rich folks why do all these parents go out here and get these kids all these expensive clothes and cars just to try to show off and know they can't afford it ,keep it simple and classy, another example from the Obamas how to do it👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤❤❤❤."

Many were impressed with how well Sasha was able to combine different details to create an overall stunning look, while others wanted to congratulate her on going to her prom.

Her date was dressed similarly stylishly, and he was visibly proud in the pictures that were released to social media.

However, Sasha’s father, Barack, was not present in any of the pictures.

Some have commented on that fact in a joking manner, pointing out that it is probably better for Sasha’s date that things were that way.

Still, Sasha was far from alone, as she was surrounded by several family members, all obviously proud of the young woman and how far she had gotten in life.

The gathering went through smoothly and without any unexpected developments, and it looks like everyone was happy in the end.


Moreover, while supporters have not heard an official statement from Barack Obama himself, rumors indicate that the former president was just as happy with the way things turned out like everyone else.

Do you think the famous dad should have been in the pictures?

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