Barack Obama's Daughter Sasha Reveals Her University Pick Via Secret Instagram Account Picture

Barack Obama's Daughter Sasha Reveals Her University Pick Via Secret Instagram Account Picture
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Via social media, Sasha Obama has revealed which university she will be attending.

The teenage daughter of Michelle and Barack Obama, who has a private Instagram, posted a picture announcing that she will be heading to the University of Michigan.

Malia's younger sister celebrated her acceptance to the Ann Arbor school by sharing a picture of the football stadium known as “The Big House” and tagged the University of Michigan.

The 17-year-old also posted a picture where she is hanging out with two friends and captioned it: “So proud to say I’m going to college with my sisters!!”

The power couple decided to stay in Washington, DC, after leaving the White House so that Sasha could finish high school.

As for Malia, now 20, she is in her second year at Harvard and is planning to become a filmmaker. Many supporters of the Obama family are happy to hear the news and are rooting for Sasha.

One person said: "We would gladly welcome her here in Michigan if it's true!? just don't see why there has to be so much ignorance and hate, every culture has its beauty. I don't understand why people make ignorant comments. Honestly, some just need to live by the saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything."

Another Democrat explained: "Great news! I'm so proud???!!! She's going to love it. So happy I could cry lol???.Awesome -Oh my God happy holidays to you and your family while love you Michelle so much Barack Obama your guys in May for each other and your daughters are beautiful, God bless your entire family including your mom never can get enough of them. ?"

Last week, Michelle made an appearance on the Tonight Show where she revealed what really motivated Barack to win reelection.

The father of two wanted to win to keep their daughters under the guard of the Secret Service.

Michelle shared: "I've always said, as quiet as kept, the second term of the presidency was really fueled by Barack's desire to keep them with their agents into their teen years."

She added: "He was like, 'We've got to win because I don't want those girls walking around.' He wanted men with guns with them. He worked extra hard on those votes. He's like, 'Come on voters!'"

She also spoke about the relationship she has with her daughters now that they are older by saying: "I love the baby stage. I'm like you — I love every age, but now they're really interesting. We're friends. There are boyfriends we can talk about. You know, they drive so that they can earn money, so they ask for less. I love it."

It is an interesting choice.

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