Barack Obama's Daughter Malia Can Become A Bigger Top Model Than Kendall Jenner If She Wants To

Barack Obama's Daughter Malia Can Become A Bigger Top Model Than Kendall Jenner If She Wants To
Credit: Washington Post

Malia Obama is a real fashionista, many designers have noticed it, and are now knocking.

Can you imagine Malia sashaying on catwalks in Paris, New York, or London?

It is being claimed that many well-known companies in America and Europe see Miss Obama even bigger than Kendall Jenner and would love to have her model and represent their brands.

Fashion experts seem to agree that the 19-year-old former first daughter has the physique to become the next top model -- pictures suggest that the teenager is already taller than both Michelle and Barack Obama.

Like Miss Jenner, Malia comes from a very famous family and has a huge following.

It should be noted that Malia has no official social media accounts, but when new photos or videos surface online, they often go viral with thousands of likes and comments like the ones below.

"You look gorgeous Malia."

"That outfit she on was slamming! What a cuttie! She's just adorable. Michelle is a beautiful QUEEN, and Malia is a real princess."

"Congratulations. Thank you for representing America as you did, class and intelligence and scandal-free. Thank you."

A source claimed that while the Harvard student is flattered, she prefers to focus on her education.

The person stated: “Malia has a model body that would be great for runways. She has been offered several opportunities to model but turned them all down."

Malia is working hard to become a great film and documentary maker and is not interested in being famous as her parents.

And she has no plans to steal Jenner's job.

The family friend claimed: “She wants to be behind the camera, not in front of it. She loves the film and TV business and enjoys reading scripts. She will leave the modeling to Kendall Jenner. She has zero interest in being famous like her dad.”

Malia stays in touch with her parents and often tell them the things that are happening in her life.

The insider stated: “Malia and her parents are still super close, and she is lovely with them. She calls them nearly every night to check in; she is very respectful.”

The person added: “They understand that she is spreading her wings, that she is bound to make some mistakes and they are okay with that. But as much as they trust her they cannot help but worry about her. She is living in the big city all alone, and in their eyes, she is still a kid.”

Would you love to see Malia modeling beautiful gowns?

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