Barack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Birthday Wishes With A Meme

Barack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Birthday Wishes With A Meme
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Barack Obama and Joe Biden get along great that much is for sure. The former president of the United States wished the ex-vice president a happy birthday by sharing a meme on the 20th of November through his Twitter account.

Obama's followers re-tweeted quickly, with many asking the question, "did you just meme?" Another person wrote that we don't "deserve all these memes."

The 56-year-old sent a message to Biden on his 75th birthday which said, "Happy Birthday to Joe Biden, my brother, and the best vice president anybody could have."

Biden and Obama frequently express their feelings of mutual respect online, as Biden took to Twitter earlier in the year to wish Barack a happy birthday.

He said in his tweet at the time, "your service has been a great gift to the country" and his friendship and brotherhood are a great gift to Biden, himself.

This isn't the first time Barack's social media posts garnered a relatively substantial amount of attention.

Obama's tweet after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, became the most liked comment in history. He wrote that "no one is born hating another person" because of the color of their skin.

The line comes from Nelson Mandela, who said in a statement that "people must learn to hate" and if they can learn to despise others, they can "learn to love" instead.

Despite stepping down as the leader of the American government, Obama has been an active participant in the public sphere since exiting the executive branch. The former president has been outspoken regarding racial issues and the actions of Donald Trump.

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