Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump's Twitter Obsession - Former President Lands Another $400K Gig

Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump's Twitter Obsession - Former President Lands Another $400K Gig
The Quebec Times

Barack Obama mocked Donald Trump's Twitter obsession during an appearance at the A&E Networks advertising upfront on Thursday. The event was held at The Pierre Hotel in Midtown Manhattan and was hosted by famed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Here is a cool little fact, the 44th president earned close to $400,000 for the 90-minute appearance, the same amount of money he will get for speaking at a health care event sponsored by Wall Street bank Cantor Fitzgerald in September.

When this information was revealed, it made a lot of noise because this is not the kind of message that Democrats around the country are trying to push, especially after pricey speeches in front of Wall Street executives dogged Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency in 2016.

Obama defenders argue that he is out of office and will never run for anything again so he can do whatever he wants with his time.

Critics continue to pounce because the former Senator from Illinois remains a popular leader in a political party that has lost its way and is without a leader.

Things will probably stay that way until someone gets nominated for the 2020 presidential election.

Among the naysayers, there is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who worked closely with Mr. Obama before launching her political career. The rumored 2020 presidential candidate said she was troubled by Obama's upcoming speech in front of such group.

Mr. Obama has not addressed the controversy that was created and is thriving inside of the Washington bubble.

The retired politician and his wife, Michelle, are busy cashing in while Democrats are trying to find a winning message in the age of Trump.

When Goodwin asked Obama about the things he used to do when he was under stress in the White House, he did not miss the opportunity to take a small dig at the current leader of the free world.

He said: “For starters, by not having a Twitter account.”

That small quote grabbed headlines and was worth the money.

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