Barack Obama Reveals Michelle Was Really Upset Donald Trump Convinced The GOP He Wasn’t An American Citizen In 2011!

Barack Obama Reveals Michelle Was Really Upset Donald Trump Convinced The GOP He Wasn’t An American Citizen In 2011!
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Michelle Obama was apparently really upset by Donald Trump ’s claims that her husband, Barack Obama was not born in America, especially since he convinced no less than 40 percent of the GOP that it was true! This and more, wrote the former president in his new memoir, A Promised Land about the 2011 scandal.

At some point in the book, Barack details how senior advisor, David Axelrod, showed him a poll that proved people wanted Donald Trump to be the president after he, absurdly enough, insisted that Barack Obama had falsified his Hawaiian birth certificate.

He writes: ‘Polls were showing that roughly 40 percent of Republicans were now convinced that I hadn’t been born in America. And I’d recently heard from Axe that according to a Republican pollster he knew, Trump was now the leading Republican among potential presidential contenders despite not having declared his candidacy.’

The theory that Barack was not actually an American citizen had dominated the media for months at that point.

This, if true, would mean that he wouldn’t have been allowed to be the POTUS.

The White House supposedly treated the whole thing ‘like a bad joke’ but the Obamas were still quite frustrated by how much the media was covering the topic.

Michelle, in particular, was very affected.

‘I chose not to share that particular piece of news with Michelle. Just thinking about Trump and the symbiotic relationship he’d developed with the media made her mad,’ Barack shares.

As it turns out, her feelings about the whole thing haven’t changed!

After all, Michelle just took to her platform yesterday to slam Trump for refusing to concede and she mentioned the ‘racist lies’ about her husband in the lengthy message!

‘The American people had spoken. And one of the great responsibilities of the presidency's to listen when they do. [Birtherism] was not something that I was ready to forgive. But I knew, for the sake of the country, that I had to find strength and maturity to put all my anger aside,’ she wrote in part.

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