Barack Obama Jokes That His Younger Daughter Sasha Scares Him - She's A 'Mini Michelle!'

Barack Obama Jokes That His Younger Daughter Sasha Scares Him - She's A 'Mini Michelle!'
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The former President of the United States opened up about his daughters, revealing about Sasha in particular, that she kind of scares him – in the good way! After all, she is apparently the exact version of her mom, Michelle Obama !

Barack Obama has, undoubtedly, a lot of love for his wife and daughters, which is why he never fails to talk fondly of them every chance he gets – while also sprinkling in some of his iconic sense of humor, of course!

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That being said, while on Kimmel, Barack joked that he is scared of his younger child and explained why!

‘Sasha is a mini Michelle. I’m afraid of Michelle and Sasha, having seen that, basically has the same look and same attitude,’ he told the host, jokingly.

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On the other hand, the firstborn, Malia, takes after him much more!

‘Malia is more like me temperamentally. We call ourselves ‘The Long Faces,’ because [Malia’s] face is more shaped like mine, and ‘The Round Faces’ are Michelle and Sasha. The Round Faces are a fiercer tribe. We’re like the vegetarians, the gatherers, and they’re the hunters. We try to keep the peace with them… I’m generally the brunt of jokes in my house,’ he went on to share.

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During the interview, the former president went on to also discuss his new memoir titled A Promised Land.

About the book, he joked that his girls will have read it by the time they are 30 years old since it’s a 700+ pages long book.


He also revealed his vow to always be there for his daughters, that he made when they were born, explaining that ‘My dad wasn’t there when I was growing up. When I married Michelle and we talked about starting a family, I said to myself, ‘I’m going to do things differently. I’m going to make sure my daughters know me, they know they’re loved, they know they’re supported.'’


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