Barack Obama Follows Adult Film Star Sara Jay On Twitter And Social Media Is Livid

Barack Obama Follows Adult Film Star Sara Jay On Twitter And Social Media Is Livid
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On Saturday morning, social media went crazy when they discovered that the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, follows an adult film star on Twitter. Fans of Sara Jay noticed earlier today that Barack Obama was just one of her 1.1 million followers on the social media platform.

According to Page Six, tweets about the unexpected connection have been all over the place, with some people offended by the president's interests, and others taking it lightly and arguing that men just don't know what to do with themselves now that major sports games have been canceled.

Other users on the platform joked that it actually made Barack Obama seem a lot more likable and relatable. An additional person joked that Barack must've thought he was using his incognito account online. Fans of the ex-president know that he's currently married to Michelle Obama, who was the former first lady.

Since Barack Obama and Michelle left the White House, they've been as busy as ever, including the recent signing of a deal with the streaming juggernauts, Netflix, for a batch of content. Today, Barack's name was in the headlines for another reason - for Trump's comments.

Mel Walker reported earlier today that Trump blamed Barack Obama for not handling the coronavirus when it was first discovered. Additionally, Mel claimed the president "lashed out" at the CDC, also known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to Walker, Trump could be heard saying that the Obama administration made changes during his time as president that made the handling of the outbreak more problematic and difficult. Since then, Trump has claimed the outbreak has been contained in the United States, and testing will be released at a later date.

It's not clear when these policies will come into action. On his account, Trump explained that the SARS virus was much worse, however, he has since "cut all the red tape," and it's all systems go.

Earlier this week, the president announced he was canceling several of his campaign rallies and was currently in the middle of potentially halting 4 more.

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