Barack Obama Cradles And Gushes Over 'Cutie Pie' Baby And It's Adorable - Check Out The Vid!

Barack Obama Cradles And Gushes Over 'Cutie Pie' Baby And It's Adorable - Check Out The Vid!
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The former president took some time off his Hawaii golfing trip to meet a bundle of cuteness and social media can’t get over the adorable moment! In fact, Barack Obama also gushed over the baby he just had to cradle, calling Riley Lewis, a ‘cutie pie!’

Of course, he was definitely not wrong but his interaction with the young one was what ultimately stole everyone’s hearts.

The 3 month old’s aunt, Andrea Jones, was the one to film the whole thing and then share it on Twitter for the whole world to see.

The clip shows Barack approaching the family, noticing Riley and calling her a ‘cutie pie!’

In no time, the baby was handed to him and he gladly cradled her in his arms! So cute!

‘Come on, baby. She’s a cutie pie. How you doin’? how you doin’?’ he goes on to coo in the sweet footage.

Barack also joked around, saying: ‘See, she’s waving…I can’t feed you, no baby, I can’t.’

At the end of the clip, the former president kisses the infant on the forehead before gushing over her adorableness one more time.

Alongside the video, the aunt wrote: ‘President Obama gracefully walked up and asked to hold my niece Riley. He was golfing in Hawaii. My niece is the GOAT period.’

This is not even the first baby Obama met at a golf course as it happened a couple of days ago as well!

At the time, he was at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai, Oahu when he met five weeks old Levi and cradled him as well.

The adorable newborn was rocking a reindeer onesie at the time and that made the moment even cuter!

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