Barack Obama And His Wife, Michelle, Have Fun With Amal And George Clooney In Europe As Some Are Still Wishing They Were In The White House

Barack Obama And His Wife, Michelle, Have Fun With Amal And George Clooney In Europe As Some Are Still Wishing They Were In The White House
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Reports from the Obama family’s vacation continue to indicate that the whole clan has been having a great time in Europe.

The whole bunch recently took the opportunity to meet up with some celebrities from the music world, namely Bono and The Edge.

Also, it did not take too many pictures to show the evident fact that everyone was having a great time together.

The family then confirmed their plans for their next destination as well, traveling to Italy to check out the villa of George and Amal Clooney in person.

However, some supporters say, it looks like France has been more than enough to keep the Obamas occupied, as they have been having a great time roaming around the country and exploring what it has to offer.

Of course, many of the comments online were focused on the clothes and accessories worn by everyone in the family, and it did not take long for detailed lists to start coming out, explaining how anyone could copy the looks easily.

Some also commented on the fact that former First Lady Michelle Obama was more modest in her own choice of clothing, although, according to a few people, it was still pretty evident that she had put much thought into it.

Her dress quickly became a point of major attention for many voices on social media, although as many pointed out, it would probably take much effort for someone to wear it as well as she did. In any case, the important thing is that Michelle and the rest were happy.

While the Obamas are busy enjoying their lives, some supporters still miss having them in the White House.

One person stated: "How far we have fallen in just two years!! Let’s get out there and work to turn this country back around to goodness and positivity!! Let’s get out of our “rage bubble” and volunteer. Whomever, the candidate, ends up being, let’s support that person to turn this country Blue!! 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈"

Another commenter added: "This is how a real president acts, looks and speaks. He’s a true representation of what makes America great always."

A third follower added: "Miss the Obama family in the white house. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t."

The power couple remains very popular around the country.

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  • Ann Darten
    Ann Darten Jun 26, 2019 11:41 AM PDT

    Michelle Obama is no longer First Lady, I am sorry to say that. But she and her family is on vacation, a time to relax and enjoy yourself, not worry about what anyone on social media thinks of what she wears or how she wears her hair.

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