Barack And Michelle Obama Took A Major L From Will Smith, Denzel Washington Gave Them A Win

Barack And Michelle Obama Took A Major L From Will Smith, Denzel Washington Gave Them A Win
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Barack and Michelle Obama have been exploring new grounds, and have been eyeing the idea of becoming major Hollywood players.

They recently became Netflix producers, and it looks like they are determined to continue along that path and score even more successes in their lives.

An announcement about their entertainment careers indicates that Denzel Washington has agreed to work with them, which has gotten many film fans excited.

However, other reports indicate that Will Smith was snatched by someone else and was not interested in working with the former President and his wife.

The politicians wanted to produce Will's film about Serena and Venus Williams' father, Richard Williams. It is not clear why he turned down the proposal.

However, there have been some speculations among fans that this could have political roots. That does not seem to have dissuaded either of them anyway, as they are still moving forward and pushing hard with their careers.

It looks like the choice to enter the film world has been a successful one, as the two have been making solid progress in their new endeavors.

Some of their fans have even joked that they might end up more successful at that as opposed to their work in politics. Obama himself has been relatively quiet about his plans for his career as a film producer, leading to some active speculations by his supporters.

Not many seem to have any clue what the former president is planning to do at this stage, which has driven up the curiosity of most people even more.

One source close to the president said: "He's engaged, spending a lot of time on this, but he's in the middle of finishing his book."

Another added: "They don't only want to do politics or things that feel narrowly progressive. They were open. They weren't coming in saying, 'Where is our  Game of Thrones ?' It was human scale-type stories. The main thrust was, 'Don't think of us as sanitized like a project has to pass a political smell test. Think of us as a general entertainment company.'"

It will be interesting to see if the iconic figures will be able to grow their fan base in this divided country by using entertainment as a way to get people from all sides together.


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