Bambi Explains Why She Took Scrappy Back!

Bambi Explains Why She Took Scrappy Back!

TV's favorite couple from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta is officially back together; some fans are happy, others are confused. After Bambi left Scrappy back in June - who some people describe as a troublemaker or "bad boy," if you will - the reality star appears to be satisfied with his recent "growth" in character.

If you haven't watched the series lately, know that Bambi left him because he "needed to do some growing up."

However, it appears as if now she's giving him another chance to redeem his reputation and character.

Not long ago, Scrappy used his social media platform to announce that he was going to look for "The Bam," so he could win her back.

According to Bambi, his effort to get her back worked. She said to the Jasmine Brand recently that his romantic pursuit of her was "really serious" and he was "willing to do anything" to make their relationship work once again.

Bambi said she was "shocked," because Lil' Scrappy is usually the kind of person who is full of "pride" and is stubborn.

Scrappy - who is moving to Miami for the spin-off of Love & Hip-Hop - wants his reunited girlfriend to make it out to the sunny city in Florida as well, but it appears as if Bambi isn't entirely on board with that plan. She claimed she has "made a home in Atlanta" and her business is there. It's doubtful that she'll move completely. Will we see Bambi on an episode of Love & Hi-Hop: Miami? It looks like we'll have to wait and see.


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