Bam Margera Checks Into Rehab For A Third Time This Month After Latest Alcohol Relapse

Bam Margera Checks Into Rehab For A Third Time This Month After Latest Alcohol Relapse
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Bam Margera has reportedly checked himself into rehab for the third time this month after his latest alcohol relapse.

TMZ was first to break the news the reality TV star has voluntarily checked himself into another rehab facility. Margera was reportedly spotted out and about drinking in Los Angeles yesterday.

His latest drinking binge allegedly put him over the edge. It reportedly led Margera to realize he has to get sober for the sake of his toddler son, Phoenix.

Sources close to the Jackass star shared with the celebrity website, he has voluntarily returned to rehab again. Yesterday he checked himself out of rehab and immediately got wasted at a bar.

Although this is his third attempt at getting sober in a month, sources share the one big stumbling block that prevents Margera from staying in rehab.

The issue is he can't have his cell phone. Margera recently wrote on Instagram he has a difficult time not being able to talk or Face Time with his young son.

"I don't do well with not being allowed to Facetime, my wife, and kid … I don't do well with not being able to answer important calls with important people," his message read.

Two weeks ago, the Viva La Bam star had an intense session with Dr. Phil, days after begging him for help on social media . It was determined then that Margera should complete at least a 60-day rehab program but Dr. Phil highly recommended a 90-day stint. Even as he tries for the third time in a matter of weeks to get sober, TMZ reports Dr. Phil is still fully supporting the MTV personality.

There is no question Margera has serious substance abuse issues. However, several of his friends and family members believe he is having some kind of mental breakdown.

"He's having sort of a breakdown, we think," his father Phil Margera told Page Six earlier this month.

The third time will hopefully be a charm for Bam Margera, who is back in rehab again. Sadly, he has sought help several times this year, three in the past month, but he always ends up checking himself out after a few days.

Sources share with TMZ Margera is committed to his sobriety this time around. It is unclear what changed in literally one day, but maybe he has finally seen the light.

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