Bad Lil' Vibe For Deyjah's Latest Photo In Unique Jumpsuit; Tiny Harris' Stepdaughter Is Still Growing Too Fast For T.I.

Bad Lil' Vibe For Deyjah's Latest Photo In Unique Jumpsuit; Tiny Harris' Stepdaughter Is Still Growing Too Fast For T.I.

A bad lil vibe is what Deyjah Harris is flaunting in a red hot jumpsuit that will be perfect for the cold holiday season.

The teen daughter of rapper T.I. and diva Tiny Harris happily showed off her weight loss in a fiery outfit on social media as part of a promotional campaign for a well-known fashion brand.

Note that while Tiny is not Deyjah's biological mother, but the Xscape singer has made it clear over and over that she sees the teen as her daughter, like Heiress and Zonnique.

The 17-year-old made sure to turn heads with her sexy long hair and perfect makeup. Deyjah is not only a model she is also a gifted writer.

She recently hit one million followers on Instagram and penned this kind note: "to all 1M all you✨,
I pray that you are aware of the talents and abilities stored inside of you. There is nothing that any of you cannot do, be, or have and please, don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. If any of you are currently dealing with something, please remain patient (trust God, His timing, His plan for you, etc.) and be aware of the fact that whatever it is you’re dealing with, it’s shaping and molding you into the individual you were created and designed to be. The beauty behind the pain, stresses, fears, disappointments, setbacks, etc. will soon be revealed, just as your potential will slowly unfold itself right in front you. All that you are and everything that comes with you is beautiful. I wish you all much love, success, peace and serenity, happiness, growth, and I pray many more opportunities and blessings are presented to you??. thank you, and I love you all?."

One person told the young woman: "From a beautiful button to a beautiful woman!! This color suits you well."

Another commenter shared: "Omg guuuuurl. I've been watching you since you were small on Family Hustle and NOOOW you are a beautiful young lady. Omg, I swear to god. You look exactly like my cousin sister. Omg, you are just sooooo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Stay Cute boo."

This third supporter stated: "Wow you have grown up to be a beautiful, well spoken young lady! Keep walking in your purpose!?"

Deyjah is getting ready to graduate.

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