Backstreet Boys Member AJ Mclean Says The Allegations Against Nick Carter Are "Bogus"

Backstreet Boys Member AJ Mclean Says The Allegations Against Nick Carter Are "Bogus"

AJ Mclean from Backstreet Boys fame defended his bandmate, Nick Carter, following the allegations of sexual assault against him. During a chat with reporters from TMZ on Tuesday, December 5th, AJ said Nick is a "gentleman," and he fully supports him.

The singer added that it appears to be all "bogus." On the 18th of November, Melissa Schuman - formerly a member of the girl group, Dream - wrote on her blog that Nick Carter raped her when she was just 18-years-old.

Melissa wrote that she "thought the only way to get out" was to finish what Nick had started. She claimed that she saw her "reflection" and what Nick allegedly forced her to do against her will.

In response, Carter denied all of her allegations and said he was "shocked and saddened" by her charges. He stated that Melissa never expressed that their relationship wasn't consensual.

Carter said he was always supportive of her and remained professionally courteous to her at all times. Nick said it's "contrary" to his nature and is entirely against the way he conducts himself in the world.

And while Mclean doubted Schuman's claims, the singer said he still stands by the #MeToo movement and thinks that women who are assaulted should come forward with their stories.

Mclean said he doesn't want "to discredit" any victims, but he stands by his friend, Nick Carter. AJ added that Carter, 37, is "not that kind of person" and it's not in his nature to do such a thing.

As you may know, Nick is one of many men to come under fire for allegations of rape and sexual assault. Most recently, Matt Lauer lost his job for "inappropriate sexual behavior," including making jokes to his female employees about who they would rather "f*ck, marry, or kill."


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