Bachelorette Hannah Brown Has One Condition For Her Future Hubby - He's ‘Gotta Be Good Looking’

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Has One Condition For Her Future Hubby - He's ‘Gotta Be Good Looking’
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While on Ellen, the new Bachelorette, Hannah Brown told the host what she expects from her future husband. Apparently, when it comes to the suitors she will be meeting on the upcoming season, she has a few special requirements.

When asked what she was looking for in a hubby, Hannah B did not hesitate to give a detailed answer: ‘Gotta be good looking. Just a good human… a good heart, kind, strong, but ultimately I want at the end of this for them to know me and and know every part of me and not just some version that I packaged together.’

It sounds like she’s given this a lot of thought. The girl knows what she wants!

Speaking of suitors, earlier this month she already gave out her first rose while on ‘After the Final Rose special.’

She met the first five contestants, and it turns out that Cam, who rapped for her, charmed Hannah the most.

It was a bit awkward but cute when she initially forgot to ask him if he’d accept the flower.

Eventually, however, she pinned the rose to his lapel.

Meanwhile, the last Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, shared with HollywoodLife that she did not expect Hannah B to be chosen.

‘I didn’t think that they’d reached that far back… we haven’t seen that in a long time. I mean, I definitely think that she’ll be entertaining and she’s [24]. So, it’s like, ‘Have the time of your life, you’re like a Miss America [Hannah competed in the 2018 Miss America pageant but did not place].’ It’s the pageant she never won. Now, she gets to be in that role,' she said before wishing Hannah to have fun and advising her to be open to anything.

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