‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Blake Elarbee Arrested For DUI Before Joining The Show!

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Blake Elarbee Arrested For DUI Before Joining The Show!
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According to new reports, one of Rachel Lindsay’s suitors on the Bachelorette has been arrested for drinking and driving before coming on the show to win her heart.

William Elarbee, also known as Blake on the reality TV show was arrested on December 13, 2010, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The police report reveals that one officer made a traffic stop when he spotted an automobile driving with a “completely deflated” tire that was “coming off the rim of the vehicle.”

The officer revealed that he could easily smell the alcohol from Elarbee and his eyes were very red and watery.

In addition, he also noticed he was wearing a colored paper wristband, usually used by local Tallahassee bars.

Blake claimed he was coming from a work related party but that he had only drunk one beer.

In reality, he was so inebriated that when the policeman asked for his license and registration, Blake struggled to find them, despite passing by them in the glove compartment multiple times.

When exiting the car he “immediately stumbled” and as expected he failed all of the alcohol tests.

He blew a 0.161g of alcohol per 210L of breath during the first breath test and 0.157g during the second.

He was taken into custody immediately and in the police car he lost his balance and fell into the back seat.

He was held on $500 bond.

After being found guilty he was punished with 50 hours of community service and $990 in fines. His license was suspended for six months.

The private personal trainer has also appeared on WE TV’s Ex Isle before joining The Bachelorette.

Will Lindsay even consider picking Elarbee after finding out about his DUI arrest?


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