Bachelor Nation Star Nick Viall Addresses Hannah Brown N-Word Controversy

Bachelor Nation Star Nick Viall Addresses Hannah Brown N-Word Controversy
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Hannah Brown got herself into serious trouble earlier this week when she sang lyrics to a song that included the "N-word." E! Online reported today that the reality star took to her Instagram Live yesterday and sang the lyrics to the song, "Rockstar," from the rapper, DaBaby.

Brown, in response to people in the comment section, immediately began saying sorry to everyone who was offended by it. She says in the video, "I did? I'm so sorry...I was singing the - I'm so sorry." Brown went on the defensive after and went on to say that she never used that word to refer to anyone.

On her Instagram Stories, the former Bachelor contestant, Bekah Martinez, addressed the situation with anger. The 25-year-old Martinez accused Brown of having so much "privilege, knowledge, and education." Martinez continued with a long explanation of why it wasn't ok for people to say the word.

Since the controversy began, many people close to her, including Matt James, a close friend of Tyler Cameron, appeared to address the use of the words. James posted an Instagram Story in which he urged his fans to "spread love."

Additionally, Nick Viall addressed the situation. Viall said that it was "deeply disappointing to see" upon the first impression. Brown went on her Instagram Stories later to say that she owed everyone a huge apology.

The reality star remarked, "there is no excuse and I will not justify what I said." Coincidentally, this topic has been in the news media before, albeit in a different format and context.

For instance, the last time the host of The Daily Show , Trevor Noah, appeared on The Breakfast Club , he said it would be great to see a version of popular songs for white people with the "N-word" removed.

Additionally, Kendrick Lamar famously brought up a woman on stage at one of his shows to sing part of the track, only to humiliate her for saying the "N-word" along to the song.

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