Bachelor In Paradise’s Demi Burnett Slams Haters Who Criticize Her Love Journey

Bachelor In Paradise’s Demi Burnett Slams Haters Who Criticize Her Love Journey
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Bachelor In Paradise contestant Demi Burnett is slamming the online haters who have criticized her love journey because she is queer.

"Spoiler alert: I'm a queer queen," she announced on social media earlier this week.

During a preview for the upcoming season of the ABC reality TV show, viewers learn Burnett embarks on a relationship with a woman. It is the first time the reality TV franchise has featured same-sex romance.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old reposted several derogatory messages she has received on social media since coming out as queer. Burnett is also slamming those who are here to judge who she should be allowed to date on TV.

Several comments from trolls have said they plan to boycott BIP because of Burnett's romance with a woman. Other haters have expressed to her they feel the network and franchise should create separate shows for those in the LGBTQ community.

"The moment you described the relationship as disgusting is the moment you claimed yourself as homophobic," Burnett Tweeted.

The blonde beauty went on to defend ABC and the Bachelor franchise choice to showcase all types of relationships after all these years.

"I know you're trying to mean well, however, the goal is for the LGBTQ+ community to not be viewed as separate. Saying they need a 'rainbow Bachelor' is a bit homophobic. We are all humans. Segregation based on sexuality needs to die. Coexist motha f%$ka," the woman who was featured the latest season of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood.

Despite all the hate and negativity, Burnett is choosing to focus on all the love, support, and positive comments she has received from fans. She plans on "drowning out the hate" as she focuses on her love journey.

Bachelor In Paradise's Demi Burnett is fighting back against online trolls. She has a slew of support on her side as she defends the choice of relationships, as well as the ABC franchise.

Bachelor Nation is standing by Burnett 100%.

"The hate below is absolutely abominable! Bravo to Demi for breaking barriers in The Bachelor Franchise and on a National Network in the pursuit of love and happiness," shared The Bachelorette alum Jason Tartick.

"I'm proud of you Demi. And I'm proud of the show for evolving," Tweeted former The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Franchise host Chris Harrison also commented on Burnett's Instagram post, "I got you, girl!"

Bachelor In Paradise premieres Monday, August 5th on ABC.


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