Bachelor in Paradise Stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are Over!

Bachelor in Paradise Stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are Over!

It looks like everything that is good must come to an end! We all probably still remember how happy these two were on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, they are one couple of stars out of the many who are putting an end to their relationship.

It’s true that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have hit rough patches in the past but they always managed to fix it. This time however, according to different reports, they might have just broken up for good as the reason is allegedly “more serious.”

We were all able to see their love grow on national television as they were part of Bachelor in Paradise. From their first meeting to the moment when the two got engaged everything seemed to go extremely well between them. That was only a few months ago but now it looks like there is no wedding in sight anymore and according to sources, behind the cameras, their relationship was nothing but “volatile.”

Furthermore, they might have been on again, off again as their fights were not few, but this time it’s really over - according to a source close to the Bachelor in Paradise couple, who claims that "this split seems more serious than past fights."

If you were wondering who is to blame for the relationship taking such a turn, another source, not only exposed the fact that the two are already over, but also explained that Josh is at fault for the messy relationship coming to an end, all “because of his temper.”

What makes this piece of news about the Bachelor in Paradise couple so surprising is the fact that the, at the time engaged, couple were spotted seemingly madly in love with each other at the Jingle Ball in El Lay in early December. Now, less than a month later, things have changed so much between the two that they aren’t even willing to try and fix it anymore.


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