Bachelor In Paradise Star Blake Hortsmann Exposes Caelynn Miller In Leaked Messages

Bachelor In Paradise Star Blake Hortsmann Exposes Caelynn Miller In Leaked Messages
Credit: Source: E! Online

Bachelor In Paradise started off with a bang on Monday. Blake Hortsmann was exposed by Caelynn Miller as a wolf in sheep's clothing when she revealed that he slept with both her and Kristina Schulman within 24 hours -- and then told her to keep it a secret!

Caelynn spoke to Chris Harrison about the situation before walking into paradise. After she saw how girls were flocking to Blake, she decided to confront him about it and he had a very different recollection of how it all went down.

According to Blake, he never told her to keep the hookup a secret and had no idea that he hurt her. He even cried in the confessional after being called out by his co-star.

While the back to back episodes aired, fans were up in arms on social media calling Blake out for his playboy ways.


In an attempt to clear his name, Hortsmann posted and deleted screenshots of what he claims were messages between him and Caelynn. It looks like Miller simply wanted to hook up with the 30-year-old with no strings attached.

Before leaking the shocking messages, Blake posted a screenshot of a lengthy note that read, in part: 'This is the last thing I wanted to do, but my name and character are being attacked. My name is all I really have. Most of all, it is the only real way to prove that what is being said by Caelynn and the story that is being shown is far from the truth. I’m deeply sorry for my actions at Stagecoach but telling the world that I silenced a woman amongst many other harmful accusations was just too much.'

Some Bachelor Nation stars have publicly showed support for the fan favorite while Caelynn's rumored boyfriend, Dean Unglert, slammed him for being 'childish.'

What do you think is the truth?


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