Baby Kaavia Lands First Magazine Cover With Her Mom Gabrielle Union -- Fans Take On Critics Of Dwayne Wade's Child

Baby Kaavia Lands First Magazine Cover With Her Mom Gabrielle Union -- Fans Take On Critics Of Dwayne Wade's Child
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At only four months old, baby Kaavia has landed her first magazine cover with her mom, Gabrielle Union-Wade.

The cutie pie and the famous actress are featured on the May cover of Parents magazine, and they are both cheesing like crazy.

On the cover, Gabrielle is wearing a stunning brown dress while Kaavia is in a pretty pink onesie.

Kaavia James Union Wade, who has become famous for her hilarious facial expression, is flashing a sweet smile.

Gabrielle had this to say about the photo shoot: "My favorite cover yet. #shadybaby is on magazines stands... world watch out. @kaaviajames is already my kinda girl and is my forever #wcw. She smiles when she sees @dwyanewade and has a loud laugh that sounds like husky-voiced unicorn giggles. This little girl has brought a light and joy to my life. I didn’t even know was possible. Without words, she has challenged me to be a better version of myself, and on the daily has me busting out in fits of laughter. Time to eat up the cuteness on this cover. 😍"

One fan said this: "Awww the baby finally doesn’t look fed up😂Imagine having eight miscarriages and u finally get a baby just for pathetic low life people to talk about ur baby. Some of y’all need to seek help. Her baby is cute period, find y’all fathers so happy for her; she just seems so much happier after this baby."

This person took on the critics: "Here come all the miserable broke grown people talking about her child. So no one ganna say the baby look grown asf 🤷🏾‍♀️Y’all gotta give baby’s with big cheeks a chance to grow Into them goddam! They’ve only been on earth for 36 seconds. She’s cute; she just always looks like all that money doesn’t impress her, and she already hates people lol."

Another follower shared: "Y’all talk about kids and y’all not even cute. 🤨 Gabby is so pretty like her beautiful daughter. ❤️There is nothing wrong with that baby. But y’all always go in on full black babies like all of you did blue ivy. The mixed and light skin babies get all the heart eyes. The self-hate is real when the baby realize how famous her parents is. 😂😂😂"

Kaavia has officially launched her career.

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