Baby Heiress Brings Huge Smile To Tiny Harris As She Reaches For Dad's Photo

Baby Heiress Brings Huge Smile To Tiny Harris As She Reaches For Dad's Photo

A daughter's love and admiration for her father are strong even when it is just a poster.

Baby Heiress Harris recently found herself trying to escape Tiny's arms because she wanted to reach out to her dad, rapper T.I.

The only problem is that it was not T.I. , but a picture that was taken while he was on tour.

Tiny looked hot in an oversised shirt as she posed with Heiress who was smiling from ear to ear.

However, as soon as Heiress saw her father, she had one goal, let the world know that this is her "Dada" and she wants to be with him.

Fans find the pictures simply adorable and were quick to point to the fact that the couple has a lovely family.

One commenter said: "Wow! But at the end of the day, the best gift you can give her is love. Which I know y'all are giving her. She is so beautiful and blessed. Such a precious pic of you and that beautiful little pumpkin!!! Love the closeness that you have with all your babies The world needs more fathers like you!"

Another stated: "She's adorable she looks just like king. She is soooo cute she is not only BLESSED with material things. She is Blessed with love, values, respect n how to treat others. Let's not forget the time each family member gives this baby. On learning talking n just getting it right."

A third supporter wrote: "She is her Daddy's child!! She looks like him. She is so cute!! Awwwww.... That's her Da-Da!! She knows her daddy anywhere I know you hate that. Looks like she wants to pick his nose lol."

The Harris family is staying together because Tiny wants her children to have their father in their lives.

A source explained: “Tiny is really over her marriage from T.I.P., and the real reason why she is terrified of divorcing him is that she does not want to put her children on an emotional roller coaster. T.I.P. is so controlling, even with the kids. He thinks he is the smartest man on earth who knows everything and believes that what he says goes.”

This family has a strong bond.

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