Baby Future Poses With His Dad Amidst The Latest Scandal And He Couldn't Be Any Cuter

Baby Future Poses With His Dad Amidst The Latest Scandal And He Couldn't Be Any Cuter
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Latest reports came to announce that after Future claimed paternity of Joie Chavis’ unborn child,  another woman stepped up  to add herself to the list of his baby mamas.

A model whose name is Eliza Reign claims to be pregnant by Future, and she has accused the rapper of threatening her life.

It seems that Future allegedly told her to get an abortion and she agreed to do this until she went to the doctor and changed her mind.

That’s when she claims she was confident that he wants her dead. Future took to social media to subtly deny the rumors.

Now, he's posing with his son, and the photo has fans melting. His son's expression is something else. Just take a look at the picture.

'Baby Future looks like someone asked for his opinion on his pop’s outfit...'someone commented, shading Future and the outfit that he chose.

Another follower said 'Our thoughts exactly baby future! Lmfaoooooo pls take this boy back home to his real father...he looks uncomfortably outta place. ???‍♀️'

Someone else also gushed over the boy as well and posted 'Baby Future facial expression is the best!!!!! His look is saying "oh well, at least my mom.'

One follower posted 'He trying to get brownie points in the midst of his bs, someone please call his real dad and tell him to come get this baby ? Future is toxic.'

One commenter posted 'Future looks like a troubled teenage girl!'

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  • Nancy J. Coleman
    Nancy J. Coleman Nov 27, 2018 3:35 AM PST

    What does he have on???

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