Baby Blue Released A Statement Following His Hospitalization

Baby Blue Released A Statement Following His Hospitalization
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Baby Blue just released a statement on his social media account after he was hospitalized. Check it out below.

Let's keep him in our prayers during this time.

As it was previously reported, he was shot during an attempted robbery outside of a bowling alley in Davie, Florida.

Someone said: 'Sooooo. Blue. We glad you OK... but maybe you should’ve waited a day or two to release a statement because...... I’m certain lounges is not an organ in the body 🥴'

A commenter posted this: 'Just excuse his typo damn 😑 y’all know what he meant,' and one other follwoer said: 'Clearly he’s not himself, can y’all please grow up!'

One follower posted this: 'Y’all really worrying about his spelling. This man is in the hospital in critical condition. Grow tf up 🙄'

Someone else said: 'How is he writing this and in critical condition 🙄🤨 I hate social media sometimes yo😂' and a commenter posted this message: 'Verified
Travelled through his what? Let’s blame the pain medications.. prayers up!'

Someone asked: 'What Lounge he got shot at? I thought he got shot at the Bowling Alley?🧐' and a commenter said: 'Buddy in the hospital And all dat but ain’t no way u spelt lungs like dat.'

Another person posted this message: 'How the hell someone in ICU thinking of updating folks.. Man work on your healing🤨' and someone else said: 'I’m not even mad at this spelling lmao ima just blame the morphine. Glad he’s okay though.'

A commenter said: 'Y’all know he meant lungs!! Someone almost dies and y’all still spell checking. Geez!' and another person left this message: 'So what he spelt some stuff wrong, y’all worried about the wrong things!!!'

Fans are wishing him all the best.

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